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Wolfgang Horween Leather Collar & Leash Review – $99.95 & $69.95

Appollo, Hachiko, Laika, Rin Tin Tin. Dogs have definitely earned the title, “Man’s Best Friend.” Throughout the centuries their courage, loyalty and faithfulness have inspired many. Even though our canine companions don’t judge us on the material things we get for them, it’s satisfying providing them with quality goods for all the joy they bring us. In the search for a collar worthy of the family dog, I came across the Wolfgang Horween Leather …


Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar Review – $67

“Why are you the only one who gets to ride in style?” That is the question asked on the product page for the Noah Marion Quality Goods Dog Collar. And, that’s a darn good question. My answer left me feeling kind of guilty. Which is why I got in touch with Noah to get a collar for my German Shepherd, Sasha.

About Noah Marion Quality Goods
Noah Marion …


Bold Lead Designs Eight Way Lead & Martingale Collar – $56 & $39

The dog. Man’s best friend. There’s a lot of truth to that statement and it’s been well documented, proven true time and time again. Dogs add a component to our lives that is incredibly special. A dog’s dedication and willingness to please is amazing. So, how often do we go out and spoil them with purchases that make them look or feel good? In my case, it’s not often enough. I have two great dogs. …