Born and Bred England Cord Wrap and Card Wallet — Rebranding to DENAGY

In light of some big changes over at Born and Bred, we’ve had the chance to bring out and review some of their previous line of products – and introduce you to the brand new DENAGY. These two pieces are high end leather goods we can fully recommend, and the new product line brought with the rebranding to DENAGY introduces an increase in both quality and luxury.
Both the card …


Pinegrove Leather Guitar Player’s Wallet – $67

Can you imagine life without music? What a boring, dull place it would be. Having the ability to create music by playing an instrument is even better. It’s fun to get together with friends and spend time creating and enjoying music. It can also get messy. You can unfortunately lose accessories quickly and easily. As a guitar player, I’ve lost countless picks, string winders, and even a few capos over the years. One of the …


Pinegrove Leather Vintage Style One Inch Guitar Strap – $77

A strap is a strap is a strap…right? Wrong, wrong, wrong. There are so many variations of guitar straps out there and they’re made from everything you can think of too. So, how do you wade through all of the boring, well-intentioned but poorly constructed straps and find a superior strap? You find one that’s built by musicians for musicians.

About Pinegrove Leather
Pinegrove Leather, run by Rod …


Koch Leather Guitar Strap – $60

Leather and music are an inseparable duo. It’s been that way for decades and there’s no reason to believe it will change any time in the near future. While we’re all thankful that parachute pants went the way of the Dodo, leather is an iconic piece of music’s past, present, and future.

Koch Leather is no stranger to the music scene. They’ve been making their guitar straps for the past couple of years and they have …