Moore & Giles Bray Sportsman Duffel Review – $1200

Spring is finally prevailing here in the Inland Northwest. Trees are starting to leave out, flowers are blooming, the snow is melting and the rivers are full. I always get excited about this time of year because it’s prime time for me to delve into one of my favorite hobbies…fly fishing.

Fly fishing is a great sport and I hope to actively continue swinging flies for the rest of my life. The only downfall to the …


Backcast Outfitters Fly Fishing Gear Review

Many of us have had the experience of a product giving out on us.  You are walking to class and realize that your backpack strap has broken.  You pull out your wallet and the threading has started to unravel.  You reach for your belt to pull it on and it has almost completely broken where you cinch it.

Eric Rice with Backcast Outfitters had similar experiences with fishing gear that continued to fail him.  When …